Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A unique day in my New Life!

'Luxury expands with increase in resources.....'

'Opportunity expands with increase in curiosity.....'

An eventful day can bring so many thoughts to your mind. The feelings you have with every experience can leave you surprised, sometimes even at yourself! The first two lines in my blog are actually conclusions I have drawn from my day. Let me tell you how!
I started my day normally and expected nothing out of it. I was having my days off. I knew I had to go to school to get my grade and time table and I got ready for it. Autopilot helps in the morning, when you are lazy and yet determined to go to work.
Short walk-shared auto(Rs. 10)-Parihar Chauk. I walked with confidence to the bus stand. I was greeted by the sun shining brightly(it would get worse later, but I didn't know). The first experience that I had was when my bus came. Never really having to run behind a bus, I walked waiting for the crowd to clear. As I progressed I saw that the crowd just pushed into a full bus and it sped off leaving me and a middle aged lady with a huge bag scrambling behind it. Surprised at my inability to catch the bus, I sat down dejected. I could get late! (Why it is important may come in detail in some blog later)
The wait for the next bus was full of planning and strategy-how much time could the next bus take, how will I approach it, what will I do if it is full, how will I push my way through and lastly how I will pay the conductor when I do get into the bus. Forward or backward, I am not sure, but plan I did!
The planning was foolproof, so I got into the bus. I stood there pushed against the door, celebrating the feeling that I was not having. The feeling of disgust or hesitation. I was comfortable in the situation. As I paid the conductor I searched for a seat(because I didn't know what the route looked like while I stand in the bus. I was sitting in the last trip). My confusion was put to rest when the entire bus was shifted to another one just 2 stops before mine. Luck works in the best possible times.
When I got off I knew I had to walk through a series of lefts and rights to get to school. I had 8 minutes to figure my way out (I hate to be late). After entering a council office and walking out and getting confused once again I asked a lady for help. I expected a direction, but she walked with me and took me there. This was an experience which was welcoming. I felt at ease for the first time in the city which was going to be my own for 2 years. I knew that help is always given to those who ask for it( ya the reference should have been expected).
After my work at school was over, I had lot of time and my adventurer-self poked me. "Let us walk across Peths and buy stationery" it said. So, I took vague directions from a student and went a walking. I walked at high speed but with observing eyes and thoughtful pauses across Guruwar Peth, Shukravar Peth and finally reached Ravivar Peth. It felt more like home than Manipal ever did. Maybe Deepayan was right..I was back to where I belong! I felt comfortable, welcome and excited as I walked through the semi-narrow lane.
A mini-incident brought me more love for my fellow Puneris. As i crossed the road in utter confusion, I stepped in front of a scooter. Half expecting a rebuke or some verbal abuse I froze and instantly turned. To my surprise, there was the owner smiling calmly at my mistake. I apologized and felt forgiven. This is was the only time this happened to me and I am grateful to that man to demonstrate forgiveness in such a common yet simple situation.
So in half a day I, a lazy girl from Howrah, born on a lazy sunday afternoon, experienced a variety of emotions. Quick reflection check: 'Opportunity expands with increase in curiosity.....'

Fast forward to Kondhwa and after-lunch scene with Aarushi!
Now elated with the loving welcome from the Puneris in peth and a sumptuous lunch at Jyoti (no reference to my collab friend) I went to the bus stand to catch a bus to Aundh.
A little background before we go further. I have travelled in public buses, auto-rickshaws and taxis. However, my choices of public transport varies with distance. I have never, let me repeat that, never taken buses for long distances. Buses have been used for short distances and the luxury of taxis was taken for longer distances. Autos was only when I was very lazy to get on a bus. These choices were mainly because of luxury and the availability of money and time.
Now lets come back to me in the Kondhwa bus stand. With a Rs. 14,000 salary I have gotten into a habit of calculating everything and my accounts could finally be practiced. So with the lack of luxury, I decided against shared auto and auto. I asked people around and made a rough mental map of Kondhwa-Swargate-Aundh and decided that auto would charge Rs. Cant-Affort-to-Pay to go and I made up my mind on (surprisingly) taking a bus from Kondhwa to Swargate and then Swargate to Aundh. (Close to 18 km, the travel from Kondhwa to Aundh was divided into two because unfortunately I couldn't find a bus to my destination.)
As I got into the bus to Swargate, I expected to reach in 15 mins. "Its a bus. Its goes faster", I kept telling myself. 40 mins in the bus I revised my thought and saw the Pune city traffic for the first time. With the bus going up and down the million speed breakers, I kept asking myself, "Why are you doing this?" Why was I taking 2 buses just to save money? Why was I allowing my empty stomach to somersault every time we hit a speed-breaker? The answer (which you know already) was coming in parts as I went deeper, but there was still something left.
After getting down at Swargate Bus Sthanak, I asked a person where to get my next bus. He pointed in a direction he seemed unsure of. I followed his advice after confirming with a police officer. To my horror I saw my bus leave in front of me from the same spot where I was 2 mins earlier. I tried to run after it but couldn't manage to board it. Now I thought, "Auto"(but then it would cost so much!).
The solution: I stood in line for the next bus which would take me home. As I sat in the bus 15 mins later, tired and spent, I questioned myself again, Why would I wait longer for the bus? It was getting dark and I didn't even know the city? It took me one hour to finally reach Parihar Chauk and by then I had my answer. Second conclusion of the day: 'Luxury expands with increase in resources.....'
I found myself cribbing at the travel because of the unfamiliarity of it, but I relished every bit of it. (An evidence of it is that I am up at 1am writing about it). As I decided against an auto from the Chauk to home, I found myself celebrating, once again, the sheer comfort I felt while I walked along the road to reach home. Saving Rs. 10 gave me joy and that surprised me!

I am troubled by who I was and who I want to be, but I am untroubled about who I am now.