Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Basawaraj the great!

If there was one memory I would want to keep forever it would definitely be one where Basawaraj asked me to come to his school in 2015 and teach him in class VIII.
I had Eid celebrations to attend in my Epiphany School kids' houses and I thought I would use the holiday to go visit my students from Summer School. Hadapsar was a long way away and I was feeling lazy but my determined students made me come anyway.
I got a call a day before asking me if I was coming. Before I could answer he said "okay so what time will you come?" When I answered "2 or 3 pm" he said okay and hung up. The smart fellow he is, he didn't give me time to make up an excuse or say no. The day of Eid, he called me with instructions to cal him once I reach the bus stand. Again, I wasn't given the opportunity to bail out on him or be lazy.
Now you must be thinking that I am a hopeless heartless person who didn't care about her student's feelings, but I got holidays to sleep and the working days were very tiring. You have got to cut me some slack!
So after the Mela (Refer to IWBAT.... blog) I left for Hadapsar. On reaching the area I was lost because I forgot the address. I called up the mother and she told me that Basawaraj will pick me up. In 2 mins I saw a lanky dark boy with bright eyes riding his cycle in full speed. He was wearing (his favourite) red shirt and was grinning his best grin. At that moment I forgot all my frustration with my class or my struggle to teach. My mind went back to teaching him phonics and appreciating him for his math skills. I recalled the amazing perspective he gave to every discussion we had in class and his speed when he solved a math sum.
As I sat in his house he told me about his school and how he is looking forward to the chess competition. He gave me ideas for my classroom and for my student's behavior management. While watching Chak De India, he took out his science book and notebook and asked me to help him with his homework. Looking at his handwriting I remembered the hopelessness I felt when I corrected his notebook during summer school. While his math book was fun to check, his RC, writing and SST worksheets were a decryption exercise.
We started with science but gave up because he realized I am not going to give him answers but going to make him read and find answers himself. He seemed happier that I refused :)
Once the hour was up and I was fed some very delicious Poha and tea, I left Hadapsar to meet a very angry Snehal. Her mom and she made me promise her that I would come again and visit them soon. I sat in the auto (with a heavy heart) and left, with Basawaraj racing with me. As we left him in his house I felt sad that was returning home.
It was refreshing to meet him. I don't know why he has a very special place in my heart but he does. The great boy that he is, he reminded me of my little brother Dhruv and I felt that love I had been yearning for from my kids in school. I guess we don't get what we want, and we don't know how to work towards getting the things we yearn. He made me realize that all the love and happiness is all inside me, I just need to start expressing it and that will make all the difference.

I am troubled by who I was and who I want to be, but I am untroubled about who I am now.

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